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hopper dryer

XHD-U series blower Ouhua hopper dryer, hopper made of stainless steel, equipped with "hot air next time", "whirlwind exhaust" function and double insulation barrels, especially for dehumidifiers used to dry engineering plastics. The series provides the capacity of 40-1200 liters, a total of 11 models. The product in addition to raw materials contact parts, the other are made of stainless steel, 80 liters above the models are equipped with a warm cleaning door, and provide a week switch function. Features: The appearance of new, bright appearance. Unique under the hair duct design, can evenly disperse the hot air, keep the plastic dry, temperature stability, improve drying efficiency. Can be opened as the door, good sealing, clear material convenient. The use of microcomputer control, can reduce the man-made or mechanical failure caused by the accident. A week automatically switch off the machine, in order to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Aluminum base (aluminum or stainless steel), European spur, Ouhua suction box, hot air recovery, fan inlet filter and air filter optional device.