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The company's founder - Mr. Lin was born in a poor family. Because of poverty, when he was a child, he supported his family by picking up wastes to make toys to exchange for some changes with other children. Clever as he was, he swore to change the fate of poverty. In a chance, the school organized a visit to a plastic factory. He was first saw the injection molding machine production base, and he stood for a long time unwilling to leave.This was the first time he discovered the charm of machinery . After graduation, he determined to work in a factory without any hesitation. At that time, he found thatthe injection molding machine production performance in the neighbour factory was poor, there were 8 days the machine was in repairing in 10 days, the production efficiency was very low. This situation interested him a lot, he thought that create stable injection molding machine maybe is not a difficult thing. He decided to create an injection molding machine business. There where only 8 people in the entrepreneurial team, including himself.They produced the first Shouli injection molding machine - manual dial-type single injection molding machine - in a small workshop less than 400 square feet. The clamping force of this injection molding machine was only 500KN, and the injection volume was less than 100 grams, but the moment when the machine started running, the entire business team was boiled and pleased. In the next few years, Shouli successfully developed double proportional injection molding machine, computer-controlled automatic injection molding machine, variable pump injection molding machine, and so on. “To go along with the market demand and keep improvingâ€‌, Mr. Lin stressed this principle again and again in different meetings. At that time, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers produced the products according to their own plans, and cannot transform the machine according to customer’s requirements, such as the common pipe products, which requires large injection volume but not too much clamping force. Therefore, customers often have to spend more money to choose larger models of machines to meet the needs of injection volume. Depended on feedback from retailers and customers, Shouli soon conducted new development project, and developed the first injection molding machine specially for pipe products. This way, customers just need to invest a little more compared to common machines, their production needs can be satisfied, largely reduced investment return cycle and electric charge. Today, Shouli has already developed into an enterprise that integrates production and research and development.The company occupies 60,000 square meters, with various sizes of CNC machine tools and precision testing equipment to produce injection molding machines with the clamping force range from 100 tons to 3400 tons. The latest high-precision injection molding machine is transformed base on the new universal injection molding machine, with solid structure, reasonable design, stable operation, high versatility, and high degree of automation. At the same time, the application of servo technology has greatly improved the power consumption of the injection molding machine, it can save up to 80% of the electricity, saving the customer's production costs. Shouli high-precision injection molding machine is a new machine model transformed depend on Shouli’s experience, there are many models to choose from, and customization is also available. With the rising of manual labor costs, automatic intelligent equipment will be the future direction of Shouli. The vision of Shouli is to provide customers the best plastic products solutions to help customers build an intelligent plastic production equipment, so as to keep the competitiveness of our customers ahead.

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